As the time flies, the number of review posts in my website is growing as well, and there are more camera and lens reviews are coming on their way. Therefore, I listed out the link of the review posts here so that you can find and read them easier.

Sony E-mount Camera Review

Sony NEX 6

Sony A7II Hands-On

Sony A7II Full Review

Sony E-mount Lens Review

Sony SELP1650

Sony Zeiss SEL24F18Z

Sony SEL35F18

Sony Zeiss SEL24F18Z vs SEL35F18

Sony SEL50F18



Digital Compact Camera Review

Sony RX1R

Sony RX100 IV Hands On Preview

The current focus of camera and lens is the Sony E-mount series, but it will be extended to other series as well in the future. So stay tuned and follow now!

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2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I just got started in shooting photography and chose to go with a NEX5T. Really enjoy all your product reviews, they have been helpful to me, especially as I start to decide how I will be upgrading gear soon 🙂 Thanks again!!!


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