Photography Tips: 5 Essentials to Get Bokeh

Bokeh! A special optical effect that almost every photographer is pursuing for. Bokeh is pronounced as “boh-kay” which origin from Japanese that means the something in blur. In photography world, bokeh is defined as how the lens renders the out-of-focus region. The bokeh can be the background that have circular out-of-focus effect or smooth blur out-of-focus rendering background, there are some debating for the definition of the bokeh but we treat both of them as bokeh here.

Circular Bokeh Effect
Circular Bokeh Effect
Smooth Bokeh Rendering

Bokeh is always one of the key reasons that differentiate the DSLR and compact camera because it is very difficult to get these smooth-rendered bokeh from the compact camera. However, there are some peoples who are using DSLR but do not get bokeh effect as well. So we are going to have a look about what is essential to get the bokeh in our shots. Continue reading

Photography Tips: Deal With Camera Sensor Dust

Recently, I had noticed some interesting dim spots that appear in my landscape shots, and they appear at the same place consistently as show below.

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I realized that I faced the common issue that annoys all the interchangeable-lens camera users — there are some dust particles stick on my camera sensor. Camera sensor dust is unavoidable for interchangeable lens camera especially when we have more than one lens to switch between, so it is good for us to know how to deal with the camera sensor dust. Therefore, I decided to compile a quick guide to share with you guys when I’m cleaning my camera, , hope it can give some help to those who need it. The guide consists of two parts:

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Photography Tips: 5 Reasons to Own a Zoom Lens

Zoom Lens
Zoom Lens

Zoom lens usually consists of one focus ring and one zoom ring, and the focal length indicator as shown above. The lens above is the Sony Zeiss FE 2470mm zoom lens.

We talked about the reasons to own a prime lens in the last post — 5 Reasons to Own a Prime Lens, but that does not mean that zoom lens is useless. Today I’m going to tell you why should we get a zoom lens as well.

1. Convenience

Would you like to bring along your whole prime lens collection Continue reading

Photography Tips: 5 Reasons to Own a Prime Lens

The last photography tips had discussed about 10 Factors to be Considered Before Buying a Lens, and basically we know that there are two types of lenses, the prime lens and the zoom lens.

Prime Lens

Above is the Sony Zeiss SEL55F18Z prime lens which provides one wide and smooth focus ring. You won’t get the second zoom ring here because it is a prime lens that does not change focal length!

There are many photography amateur and professional who are in love with the prime lens or even insist to use prime lens whenever possible. However, many people who just migrated from Point-and-Shoot camera to DSLR or new to DSLR are scared off by the prime lens because we have to physically move closer or get away from our subject, and we will think “the prime lens is for professional use, not for me”.

So let’s get rid of that mindset because we are going to have a look that why so many people are in love in the prime lens in today post.

1. Fast Prime

We always heard people talk about “fast prime”, so what is it? Continue reading

Photography Tips: 10 Consideration Before Buy a Lens

In the previous posts we had discussed about 5 Consideration Before Buy a Camera, 5 Reasons to Own a P&S camera, 5 Reasons to Own a Mirrorless Camera, and 5 Reasons to Own a DSLR camera. If you are going to buy yourself a Point and Shoot (P&S) camera, then congrats, you can start your photography journey immediately. However, if you are going to buy a Mirrorless camera or DSLR, then you must have at least one lens to pair with your camera before you can start shooting.

Sony A-Mount Lenses Image taken from: Sony Official Website
Sony A-Mount Lenses Image taken from: Sony Official Website

So which lens should you buy? How to choose a proper lens for yourself?

1. Kit Lens

Kit lens, a standard zoom Continue reading

Photography Tips: 5 Reasons To Own a DSLR

Nowadays, Mirrorless camera system has became a trend in the camera world. It provides the same image quality as a DSLR but having a smaller size and lighter weight. So why you still have to bother to get yourself a DSLR? Let’s have a look together.

1. Professional Look and Feel

Sony Full Frame DSLR - A99 Image taken from:
Sony Full Frame DSLR – A99 Image taken from:

Regardless of what DSLR you are carrying, either APS-C or Full-Frame, at the moment you lift up your DSLR, you will give peoples an impression: “Wow! This guy is a professional photographer”. Why do you want Continue reading

Photography Tips: 5 Reasons to Own a Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras become more and more popular in the current market, many camera manufacturers like Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Leica, and others had put in effort in research and developed some excellent Mirrorless cameras. So let’s see how a Mirrorless camera fit you the best.

1. Large Image Sensor in Smaller Camera Size

In general, Mirrorless camera is equipped with Micro 4/3, APS-C, or Full-Frame image sensor. These sensors are much larger than the common image sensor (1/2.3″) that is equipped in the P&S. You may read my 5 Factors Affected By Image Sensor Size to get more details regarding to the image sensor size.

Mirrorless vs DSLR (Image retrieved from Sony Official Website:
Mirrorless vs DSLR (Image retrieved from Sony Official Website:

Although DSLR camera is also equipped with Continue reading

Photography Tips: 5 Reasons To Own a PAS

When the smartphone camera become more powerful and the DSLR become cheaper, why do you still bother to get a Point-And-Shoot (P&S) camera? Well, that’s go through this post today together.

1. Convenience and Easy to Use

Point and Shoot (P&S) Camera
Point and Shoot (P&S) Camera

P&S is lightweight, small and compact in size. It is easy to fit into your pocket and carrying around. P&S only provides auto mode to you, no fine focus-adjustment, Continue reading

Photography Tips: 5 Factors Affected By Image Sensor Size

Did you ever hear about “full frame”, “APS-C”, “Micro 4/3”, “1-inch”, “1/2.3 inch” when you are choosing the camera? Did the sales person tell you “This DSLR  provides better image quality than the P&S because it equips with a larger image sensor”?  Or “This camera has a crop factor of 2, so blah blah blah…”?

Before we discuss the topic today, let’s have some idea about the different size of those image sensors.

Image Sensor Size Comparison
Image Sensor Size Comparison

The comparison chart is scaled with the actual size of Continue reading