Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2014

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Today is the Chinese New Year eve. The shot above shows a “福” in upside down,

which means the good blessing or fortune is coming! It is because the upside down (倒) is pronounced same as the coming (到) in Chinese.

This is the third week of my internship. Everyday wake up at 5.30 am and back at 8 pm, spending more than 3 hours on the train and bus to travel between my hostel and intern location. What I want to say is… it is so TIRED!

Read the photography materials everyday on the train and thinking about the schedule for photography and this blog. Lens review is most likely not possible throughout the duration of my internship for these few months but I should be able to do something else. Light bulb! After writing down my ideas and do some drafting, there will be more than 20 posts about the photography tips are coming! So stay tuned, and you are welcome to tell me what you want to see/know or even share your tips there.

Happy Chinese Lunar Year people! All the best =)


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