The Food Street, Muar, Malaysia

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Muar is considered as a small town located in the Johor state of Malaysia which is very near to my hometown – Batu Pahat. Both of them are famous for their cooked food and they have their own food street too. However, both of the food streets are very different to each other where the food street in my hometown consists of few sections of food stalls, and you can only order and enjoy the food within each section; while the food street in Muar has a common coffee shop which allows you to enjoy any food from the food street (oh yea, wink )

The Muar Food Street
The Muar Food Street

The food street is located at the center of the Muar.

The food stalls are distributed along the road, I can’t say there is a lot of food stalls (actually it is less than 20 stalls I guess) but it is enough for a full meal there. There are many different kind of foods like cakes, drinks, and cooked food.


Motorcar Drink Stall
Motorcar Drink Stall
Coconut Drink
Coconut Drink

Some of the hawkers are selling their goods on the tables while most of them are using the motorcar. The food stall below is selling the special homemade fried sweet potato, fried banana, and the fried cassava. They are great!

Fried Food Stall
Fried Food Stall
Fried Foods
Fried Foods

The hawkers are well-experience and they will cook just right in front of you when you had ordered so that you will enjoy a fresh and hot food.

Carrot Cake
Wanton(Kind of Dumplings) Noodles
Oyster Fried
Satay (Skewer)

After a quick view of the food street, it’s time to go to the food center to enjoy those food. To have an overview that where and how is the coffee shop looked like, I walked across the road and took a shot for the coffee shop.

The Common Food Center
The Common Coffee Shop

When you reach Muar, the food you must not miss is the otak-otak! It is a spicy fish meat cake which is wrapped in the pieces of leaves and then BBQ it. Although I told you that you must not miss the otak-otak but I didn’t order it (actually I forgot to order it). So if you really wondered how does its fill look like then you may google “otak-otak” then you will know it.

The Otak-otak
The Otak-otak

Despite of that, I ordered some other foods which may not as famous as the otak-otak but they are delicious and well-known too! The wanton noodles is a home-business. It had been started since few decades ago. Many people had visited to Muar to try it as they were attracted by its famous wanton (dumplings) and the Q-feel of noodles.

The Famous Wanton(Dumplings) Noodles


The fried clam noodles gives you a totally different taste and feel than the wanton noodles and it is one of my favourite food as well.

Fried Clam Noodles
Fried Clam Noodles


Besides, I ordered few side dishes like the oyster fried and the satay. They oyster fried is made by oyster (definitely), eggs, and some mixture of flour.  The different between the oyster fried at the Muar food street and other places is their oysters are big and fresh enough and they are generous to give you an adequate amount of oysters.

Oyster Fried

The satay is actually a smaller size of skewer which offers chicken, pork, and mutton flavors. There is another food which always accompany with the satay – the ketupat. It is a different form of rice food which wrapped in a square leaves-made container. It is pure rice with very little or no taste which makes it great to eat together with the satay source. However, I’m not a big fan of it so I only took a photo of it to show how does it look like.

The Satay
The Ketupat

The food street can be defined as the main activity area in Muar. It is great for you to visit to Muar for a short one day trip as Muar is a really small town in Malaysia. I was using my Sony DSC-HX20V digital PAS instead of the NEX-6 when I visited to Muar.  It is because it is really hard to see any photographer with the big gears in these places and I don’t wish to attract too much attention as well.

That’s the end for the Muar food street. Wish you have chance to visit to Muar and enjoy these delicious food. Cheers =)


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