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There is a market in my hometown so called “old pasar” where the pasar means the market in Malay. I accompanied my mum to the market to buy some vegetables and fruits when I went home for a short break. People who are working there usually start their work from 3 or 4 am till 10 am plus, they import the fresh fish from the fishing villages near by the market, some of them also sell pork, beef, mutton, vegetables and so forth.

Fish Market Business Union  Built in 1928
Fish Market Business Union Built in 1928

 The market will get ready for sell at around 5 am. Unfortunately, I was still in bed at that time due to the long travelling back to my home at previous night. When I reached the market I was being told by one of the merchants there that the market is going to close down soon. The market is being there since I was a kid. My mum always brought me there in the early morning to buy fish, meat, and vegetables. I was shocked but I know that I have to do something before everything is gone. Luckily the Sony DSC-HX20V was in my pants’ pocket and then I told my mum that I would go around to take some shots for the market.

Entrance of the Pasar
Entrance of the Dry Market
Entrance to the "Wet Market"
Entrance to the “Wet Market”

The market is separated into two different parts by a road which are the dry market and the wet market. The entrances are opposite to each other. Let’s first look at the wet market.

Old Iron Tins on the Cart
Old Iron Tins on the Cart
The Coffee Powder Seller
The Coffee Powder Seller
The Traditional Coffee Powder Machine
The Traditional Coffee Powder Machine

You will see a traditional coffee powder merchant at the entrance of the wet market. The coffee machine is different than what we saw at Starbucks or other modern coffee shops. However, you can smell the coffee powder before you enter the wet market and the coffee made by this powder is really so pure, smooth and nice! (Thumbs up)

The ceiling of the wet market
Sorry, no pork to show here
Sorry, better not to show pork here



Due to the difference of the religion, the pork merchants are isolated from the wet market (it is still in the wet market, but it is walled). After that, I was head over to the dry market.

Crowded Dry Market
The Dry Market

The spaces there is quite narrow and there were many people in the dry market which caused me can’t really stand there and frame my subjects for too long. So what can I do? I was walking around and hold my camera near to my body, watched the LCD screen for a fast composition and then shot it!

“Kuih Tutu” a Traditional Malay Cake

Not many shots for the market as it was an unintended event and I was in a hurry to fetch my mum to somewhere else. Nonetheless, this is roughly how the traditional market at my hometown looked like. Hopefully this market will still keep alive as it has been there for few decades and it had become one of the most important and irreplaceable place in my hometown.

Did you notice any place around you which had been there since you were a kid? Do you think that it will be there forever?  Please visit to that/those place(s) again if you got any free time, at least once, with/without your camera, feel the people there and have a deep breathe there. Nothing is going to last forever, treasure it when it is still there.

That’s all for today post. Hope you enjoyed it and like it, cheers =)


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