Singapore S.E.A. Aquarium

Finally, my long waited holiday has started. The first place I had visited after my final exams was – the world’s largest aquarium – the S.E.A. aquarium in Singapore.

Ticket of the SEA Aquarium
Ticket of the SEA Aquarium

The ticket of SEA Aquarium is SGD 38 per adult. Besides, you will need SGD 4 to take the LRT to the Waterfront station where the aquarium located at.

A cute kid who also visited to the SEA aquarium
On the Way to the SEA Aquarium
On the Way to the SEA Aquarium

This was my first time visited to the aquarium. I was so impressed by the scale and amount of fish of the SEA aquarium. I had taken over 500 shots during this tour and I spent a few days to filter them. After delete those unsatisfied and similar shots I still left around 240 shots and I had chosen around 50 out of the 240 shots for this post. Now is the turn for my photos to tell you how beautiful and wonderful of the aquarium is!

A huge display panel beside the entrance
A huge display panel beside the entrance








A Christmas tree found in a huge circular display panel


Oh… It’s so innocent



Guess what is it?
It is a dolphin!
Huge Alaska Crab







It is so amazing and beautiful!




This is the world’s largest aquarium display panel
This fish has a size similar to an adult!












When came out from the aquarium, there is a souvenir shop near the exit.






We had spent more than 2 hours in the SEA aquarium and it really worth the price. I used the Sony NEX-6 with the SEL24f18z for shooting in the SEA aquarium and they served me well. I’m glad that I bring them along and really enjoyed in this aquarium tour.

That’s all for today post and hope you enjoyed it =)

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