Night at the Chinatown

The mid-autumn festival was over around one and a half month ago. The streets of Chinatown were decorated with over 20,000 of lanterns with different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately I missed the chance to capture the wonderful events during the mid-autumn festival night at Chinatown due to tight and heavy school projects. But better than nothing, I still went to Chinatown a few days after the mid-autumn festival to capture the night at the Chinatown with some of the “leftover” mid-autumn festival feel. Of course, I brought along my NEX-6 and the SEL24F18Z and one friend visited together to Chinatown.

I really never visited to the Chinatown for a long time. There is a new built little tourist centre which was not exist during my last Chinatown tour.

The tourist centre

Decoration in the tourist centre
Decoration in the tourist centre
History of Chinatown Singapore
History of Chinatown Singapore

Guess what is the cute toy below?

It is an USB drive!
It is an USB drive!
The "Samshui women"
The “Samshui women” model

Came out from the tourist centre and hanging around, there were some interesting stuff there…

Golden piglet
An amazing wine holder
Christmas tree decoration ball

It was nearly 8pm but my friend and I still had not have our dinner yet. It was so hungry, let’s go for our dinner.

One shoot before dinner
One shoot before dinner

I was reminded of one of the Chinese BBQ shop which my classmate brought me for supper previously and the foods are really delicious and worth the price. Hence I brought my friend to this Chinese BBQ shop for our dinner.

“3 Cups” Chicken
Vegetarian Fried Noodles
BBQ sticks – beef, lamb, pork, and chicken wing
Seafood meehoon

They are really delicious, and I can only use “awesome” to describe the taste of having the BBQ sticks with ice beer. After filled up our stomach, it is the time for us to continue the Chinatown trip.

Lantern tower
Lantern tower at the center of the street

In order to capture the great view of the “lanterns street”, we were heading to the flyover. There were bunch of lanterns at the entrance of the flyover which were designed by the public.

Lanterns at the entrance of flyover

Finally climbed up to the top of the flyover and looked back to the street

View from the top of the flyover
Street view from the top of the flyover
"Lantern" street
“Lantern” street
Traditional Chinese Lantern
Last shot for lantern street
Last shot for the lantern street

That’s all for today post. Hope you enjoyed the reading!

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