A Dinner at Kuishinbo

It is the wonderful Friday night which I may offer myself a fresh breath after having so many school projects and assignments for days. Nonetheless, still having few more projects are going to due soon but anyway let’s take a break here. About two weeks ago, I had a good (but expensive) dinner with my classmates at a Japanese buffet restaurant, the Kuishinbo! However, this was a random event hence I did not bring along my Sony NEX-6 but I use my Galaxy Note to take some shots instead (I was so busy for eating hence did not take many shots for the restaurant).

Those shots looked saturated and stunned on my Galaxy Note’s Super AMOLED screen but their color look washed out on my LCD screen when I imported them into my laptop. So I did some base curve adjustment and cropping by Darktable in order to “restore” the look and feel of those shots. Again, the Darktable shows its powerful capability and I upload one untouch JPEG file to compare with the “tuned” version as shown below.

Original Untouched JPEG
Original Untouched JPEG

After Editing in Darktable
After Editing in Darktable

The color after editing is more saturated than the original shot and it is more closed to the real scene. Those sushi were my first plate of food and they are really delicious!

Salad, Kimchi, and Mash Potato
Salad, Kimchi, and Mash Potato

There are a lots of fresh seafoods in Kuishinbo, especially the fresh and juicy crabs which drove my classmates crazy for them!

Paper Hot Pot
Paper Hot Pot
Cooked Foods
Cooked and Fried Foods
Sashimi and the Corns
Sashimi and the Corns

Finally, it was the dessert time. I purposely did some design for them with the hot liquid chocolate from chocolate fountain (sigh, regret that did not take a photo of it)

Dessert - Mochi and Cheese Cake
Dessert 1a – Mochi and Cheese Cake
Dessert - From Bird View
Dessert 1b – From Another Shooting View

How is my design for the dessert above?  And which shot do you prefer (Dessert 1a or 1b)? You are welcome to vote/comment for the dessert shot you preferred as I’m curious about which shot is better.

Dessert - Cookies and Japanese Steam Egg
Dessert – Cookies and Japanese Steam Egg
Dessert - Banana Cake
Dessert – Banana Cake

Yea, those foods are really delicious and I’m so enjoyed them. Please kindly left your comment here about which shot you like (any shot above) or tell me where can I improve so that I can take greater shots and share to everyone here!

That’s all for today and hope you enjoyed your reading!

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