Singapore Grand Prix: Singapore F1-2013 Formula 1 Night Race

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Last night, I went to Marina Bay with my Sony Alpha NEX-6 with SEL24F18Z and intended to visit to the Mid-autumn festival lantern roadshow. However, when I came out from the MRT station, loud and non-stop engine sound was surrounding me. Oh yea, that’s the engine sound of the F1 cars!!! Luckily I wear my in-ear earpiece which reduce so much noise and prevent myself became half-deaf. Before I reached the racing track, there were so many modern sport cars parked together!



Most of the roads were blocked for the F1 event such that I nearly can’t find the way to get to the racing venue (since I was not even aware of there was F1 event hence I never search for the details for the venue). After struggling of 15 ~ 20 minutes I finally get myself there.

An underpass to the racing venue
An underpass to the racing venue

Walk through the underpass, I saw there was some spaces at the back of the racing circuit and there were some F1 cars on the track! This is my 1st time to watch the F1 event at such a close distance and it was really excited!

Cropped from a far shot at the back of the racing circuit
F1 car on the track

The shot above was cropped from far shot at the back of racing track. Well…. this space was not really so close to the track as it had some blocks which blocked us at around 20 to 30 m away from the gate. I left there a few minutes later and looking around to see if there was any better spot. And yes, I managed to get myself to a nearer spot to take the shots of the F1 event!

Closed Shot at 2 to 3 m away from the track
Close Shot at 2 to 3 m away from the track
Another F1 car close shot
Another F1 car close shot

There were many peoples watching there so the only way I can take the shots is hand up all the way to the top and take the panning shots. Yes, it is panning shot. And I’m so sorry to the guy who was standing at my right hand side because my elbow always hit him when I was swinging (ok, it was slight hit on his shoulder/back so don’t worry so much).  Again, the NEX-6 tiltable screen did help a lot to spot the coming F1 cars. The 2 shots above are original from the RAW files to show that how close I was. Most of the following shots are cropped from the original images as there are too many distracting objects in the screen.









It was the last round and I guess he is Sebastian Vettel – the Champion!
It was the last round and I guess he is Fernando Alonso – the 1st runner up!

I took around 200 panning shots for the F1 cars and half of them fail. I had no experience in shooting F1 event so I did some tries before getting the good shots. I set the shutter speed to 1/40 second for first few tens shots but realized it is way too slow. Then I double the shutter speed to 1/80 second and managed to get some successful panning shots but most of them were still failed. Finally I found the sweet spot at 1/60 second which allowed me to take most of the panning shots successfully.

Suddenly, there were some loud popping sounds came from the back. Guess what? Oh dear it is fireworks!


The total duration of the fireworks was around 1 minute and it was really an unexpected event hence I only managed to captured 4 firework shots with 6 seconds of shutter speed for each shot (got 1 was shot at 4 seconds). Besides, I had to set up the tripod as well. However the other 3 of them were a little overexposed hence the fireworks captured were in a mess (too many fireworks in one shot as the duration were not so consistent).  I guess the fireworks started when the champion was obtained as I heard the cheer during the firework. In case you wondered how was the result, I posted the top 5 racers below,

Leaderboard – Final



Avg. mph

1 Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull




2 Fernando Alonso – Ferrari


+32.627 Sec


3 Kimi Raikkonen – Lotus


+43.920 Sec


4 Nico Rosberg – Mercedes


+51.155 Sec


5 Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes


+53.159 Sec


and you can get more details at

After that, I hang around to capture more about the event.

Night street view of F1 event
Night street view of F1 event
Some lanterns from the Mid-autumn festival
Some lanterns from the Mid-autumn festival
F1 live show
Crowds watching the F1 live show
Antique sport car series!
Antique sport car series!
Antique sport car series
Antique sport car series
F1 track
F1 track
Crowds toward the exit
Crowds toward the exit
A photographer
A photographer
A supporter with the F1 flag
A  F1 supporter

That’s all for today post. Hope you enjoyed it! Cheers!!


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